2018, displayed at the exhibition ‘Revelations’ at Harvard University.

Laddoos made out of Manusmriti pulp.
Pictured here with a ceramic bhaakar and recipe booklet.

During a wedding  
sit outside
with huge baskets.

After the baratis
have eaten
the dirty leaf-plates
might be put
in your baskets.

Take them home
to save
the joothan
sticking to them.

Little bits
of pooris
bits of sweetmeats
a little bit
of vegetable.

Eat the joothan
with relish.
Lick it all up.

If the baratis
have not left
enough scraps
on their pattals
denounce them as gluttons.

Your elders might narrate
in thrilled voices
stories of baratis
that had left
several months of joothan.