2017 - ongoing  

Exploring the politics of the written word, cookbooks, and access to ample food resources in the context of Dalit communities in India, this is a series of booklets, and eventually an anthology, tracing Dalit writers' memories of food in text. Picking extracts that discuss food (or lack of it) in Dalit autobiographies, these words are converted into second-person accounts, deconstructed and broken down to resemble something between recipe instructions and poetry.  

Available booklets are currently:

  1. Is Hunger Gnawing At Your Belly? From Laxman Gaikwad’s ‘Uchalya:The Branded’ (1999)

  2. What is the price of your sweat? From Omprakash Valmiki’s ‘Joothan’ (2008)

  3. Is the touch upon your tongue wonderful? From Bama’s ‘Karukku’ (2014)

  4. Have you lost all taste? From Urmila Pawar’s ‘Aaydan The Weave of My Life’ (2003)

  5. Do you eat in the shadow of your thigh? From Urmila Pawar’s ‘Aaydan The Weave of My Life’ (2003)

  6. Do you tire of the same meal everyday? From Sujatha Gidla’s ‘Ants Among Elephants’ (2017)

  7. Are You The Master of Dead Animals? From Babytai Kamble’s ‘The Prisons We Broke’ (2009)

  8. Do you have the courage to drink from the pond? From Daya Pawar’s ‘Baluta’ (2015)

  9. Does your honesty earn you free meals? From Laxman Mane’s ‘Upara: An Outsider’ (1997)

  10. When will your life of living on alms end? From Vasant Moon’s ‘Growing Up Untouchable in India’ (2002)

  11. Do your hands smell of raw flesh? From Sharankumar Limbale’s ‘Outcaste: Akkarmashi’ (2003)

  12. Does an ox dash against the insides of your stomach? From Sharankumar Limbale’s ‘Outcaste: Akkarmashi’ (2003)


The following editions below are available at https://indigoplusmadder.com/books-1