Explorations of community, security and freedom, in an entertainment venue in India


In the Monsoon of 2013, Rajyashri undertook a research project as part of her Master’s in Visual Anthropology which was set in a live music venue and bar/club, “High Spirits Cafe”, in the city of Pune, India. It attempted to explore notions of community, security and freedom, that exist in the club as opposed to the larger conservative discourse in the country concerning such nightlife establishments, which claim that such spaces encourage hedonistic and individualistic values amongst individuals, and are therefore immoral and un-Indian. Through the use of still photography, sound recordings, as well as research into the online world of High Spirits, she hopes to reveal how the people that make up High Spirits have carved their own identity within the space while contradicting as well as borrowing aspects of the conservative majority that they are placed in. 

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